See supercars and Josh Duhamel in action during Transformers filming in Newcastle

Newcastle residents were treated to amazing scenes as one of the infamous ‘Transformers’ came to town for the filming of the latest instalment of the movie franchise. The filming involved the famous Bumblebee along with six supercars including a special edition Lamborghini that’s valued at £1.7m. The filming location was Monument and Grey Street and the movie is scheduled for release on June 22 in the UK. There were many fans around waiting to see the action as the crew put up cordons around the monument in preparation for filming.

The cars, however, didn’t come alone. Josh Duhamel, who played Lieutenant Colonel William Lennox in the first three films was also on the set and the crowd looked on as he jumped into a military vehicle which then set off in the direction of Grainger Street which featured a rubble-strewn street. The supercars were deep in the action with supercharged McLaren and a Porsche Cayenne zooming through a number of takes. The McLaren had been made specifically for this movie. However, none of got the crowd the sort of euphoria they were there for. This was saved for the arrival of the familiar Bumblebee.

The familiar transformer was being driven by stuntman Corey Eubanks as it led the rest of the fleet on a chase. The coffee shop had already been notified earlier that the streets would be closed on Sunday but hadn’t been told which movie was being filmed. However, it didn’t take long for staff and morning customers at the coffee shop to guess what was up as a helicopter circled above and cameras were put in place.

Newcastle wasn’t the only location hosting a few stars from the famous movie franchise. In Bamburgh filming was also taking place with Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Hopkins on set.

People were up as early as 4.30 am in the hopes of catching a glimpse of a few movie stars on the set. For many families this was a major treat especially for the children and many residents in the region are looking forward to seeing how the region will look in the final movie.

Filming in the North East was scheduled to end on Sunday and filming around the monument was finished by lunchtime. The supercars were said to be making a stop in Bamburgh before returning to London. The last day of filming in Bamburgh was said to include explosions for an aeroplane crash.

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