Why staycations will continue to be popular in 2021

Even though things are opening up again, many people are choosing to stay in the UK rather than travel abroad. Staycations have become a popular alternative to a traditional holiday and people are finding ways to explore locations in their surroundings. Studies have shown that 83% of holiday makers in Britain would prefer a staycation this year rather than travel outside of the UK. Things are expected to remain the same even in 2022 when many people will instead choose to stay in a local hotel or bed and breakfast. Campsites are also extremely popular at the moment.

Which trends are influencing staycations?

The pandemic has caused a mental health crisis and the thought of returning to a “normal” way of life can be unsettling. Even travelling in a plane can cause anxiety or uneasiness in people who have never before felt afraid of flying. Another factor is the limited amount of money that people can afford to spend on holidays. A staycation is comparatively far cheaper than a trip to an expensive holiday destination like Greece or Bali.

Wellness for the body and the mind

The hotel and entertainment industry is also adjusting to the new situation. The sector is choosing to offer more and more services that can help provide wellness for the body and the mind. More wellness and spa packages could be offered to guests and hotels could also chose to collaborate with local farms and businesses. This way guests are able to explore the regional cuisine and are helping small businesses just by booking a stay and choosing to eat in the hotel’s restaurant.

Pet friendly holidays

Making hotels more pet friendly is also a service that is supposed to make stays more enjoyable for guests. Being able to take your dog on holiday can also be less expensive, since this means that you don’t need to find a dog sitter while you are away. Geoff Barnes, Marketing Director for Park Holidays, says “with the increase in pet ownership during the last 12 months, we predict that holiday parks will be a popular option for the UK’s newest pet owners.” Park Holidays runs 31 holiday parks in the south of England and is one of the most popular holiday spots in the country.

Of those who have already booked their summer holidays this year, the number of travellers who chose to stay in the country rather than traveling abroad was almost twice as high. There is also a high number of bookings that are being made at the last minute. This is most likely due to the fact that more and more people have received both vaccinations and are feeling more comfortable travelling and leaving their homes.

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