Creating a Beach-Inspired Interior For Your Coastal Airbnb

Increasing numbers of people with second homes are choosing to let them through popular holiday rental sites such as Airbnb. If you own a property near the coast that you’re planning to turn into a holiday home, here are some top tips for getting your property holiday-rental ready and how to create a beach-inspired theme for the interior of your coastal Airbnb.

Turning Your Second Home Into An Airbnb

If you have a space to share with holidaymakers from a spare room or an annexe to an entire property, then you can host it on Airbnb. Founded in 2008, the holiday rental company has become a popular way for travellers to find accommodation and for hosts to make an additional income from properties or spaces they might not otherwise use for much of the time.

To list your property on Airbnb, you need to register on the site and create a property listing, describing the space and showcasing it with photographs to entice travellers to stay. You can set your own prices and house rules, and all the bookings are handled through Airbnb, so you only need to ensure your property is ready for your first guests!

How To Create a Beach Theme Interior

Coastal properties often suit relaxed, light and airy interiors, however, you don’t want to take your beach theme too far or you’ll risk it looking tacky and over-the-top. Here’s how to give the inside of your property a genuine coastal feel.

Hints of blue

Using neutral colours throughout your home but adding pops of blue with soft furnishings such as rugs, cushions and bed linen is a great way to give off that calming seaside feel.

Linen fabrics

Choose linen fabrics for soft furnishings like throws, curtains and bedding for a grown-up beachy look. Stick to neutral shades or blue and green hues to create that calming atmosphere your guests will enjoy.

House plants

House plants are a great way to bring nature into your home and give it a relaxed, earthy feel. Choose plant pots that fit with your colour scheme and don’t be afraid to mix it up with standing plants such as figs and palms in living areas and hanging plants in the bathroom.

Add different textures

Layering different textures in your property can help create that laid-back beachy vibe so when it comes to furniture, soft furnishings and décor consider using contrasting textures.

Use natural materials

Using natural materials such as wicker, driftwood and glass will give your property that classic coastal feel. For example, glass pendant lighting hanging over a dining space creates a subtle nod to the sea, whilst keeping the décor neutral.

What to Include and What to Leave Out

If you’re new to holiday home letting, you may be wondering what extras to offer and what things to remove from your property before your first guests arrive. Here’s what to include and what to leave out.

What to include

  • Helpful information for the guests such as how to turn on the heating, where to find extra blankets or how to operate the dishwasher.
  • Information about the local area such as where to find the nearest shop, any parking restrictions, the address for the local tourist information centre or guides on places to visit and things to do
  • A welcome gift. This could be a bottle of wine, coffee, biscuits or fresh local produce – anything you think your guests will appreciate after their travels that will make them feel welcome.

 What to leave out

  • Any easily breakable items. The last thing you want is to be feeling stressed that a valuable ornament is going to get knocked over and your guests won’t appreciate worrying about it when they’re trying to relax and enjoy their stay.
  • Anything sentimental. If you’d be upset if it got broken, damaged or misplaced then you should remove it before your first guests come to stay.
  • Any photographs of people. Unless your property is your main home and advertised as such on Airbnb, your guests will be expecting to feel like they’re staying in their very own home-from-home but having someone else’s precious family memories hanging on the walls will make that impossible. Try to keep the space homely but neutral.


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