How to Move Your Furniture to Germany

If you are planning to move to Germany, for personal or professional reasons, and you need to move your furniture to your new country, you should call upon the help of specialists. This way, you can be sure that the paperwork will be handled the right way and that all of your belongings will arrive safely at its destination. Choosing Bright Removals is a safe choice, as they have a large experience in the matter, since they specialize in moving households from the UK to Germany, for over 15 years. Here is more on this company.

Weekly Deliveries

When you are moving to a different country, you need for your belongings to arrive safely, but also promptly. When you call upon Bright Removals, shipping furniture to Germany becomes a solution to all potential problems in the matter. The company holds a weekly delivery from the UK to Germany, where they visit Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich as well as eleven other main cities, but any towns in between can be inserted in their route, whenever it is needed. This means that within a week, you could have all of your belongings with you, in your new house in Germany.

For Large or Small Deliveries

Removals boxes
Removals experts for the German market

There are many different types of moves. Sometimes, people need to stay in the UK and Germany in different weeks. In such cases, there probably won’t be as many items to send between the two countries. It could be only a suitcase with clothes, or enough to furnish a small apartment. No matter what the size of the elements that need to go from one point to another, Bright Removals will pick them up and deliver them in perfect conditions. From a few suitcases to a whole house, they can provide removal services for all of your objects.

Fifteen Years of Experience

When you trust your belongings to a removal company, you want to know their track record, first. Bright Removals has been moving households from the UK to Germany for over 15 years. It enabled them to create a strong network in the destination country that can also be of service to its customers.

For example, they collaborate with companies that offer storage space, where the belongings can be stored temporarily. Of course, the company can also take care of your return to the UK, once your contract expires, or when you simply decide to return back home. In such cases, your belonging will be delivered anywhere in the UK, and also to Northern Ireland.

A Price That is Guaranteed

One last element that you should take in account, when calling upon a removal company to carry the interior of your home to a new one, is the cost. There are many elements that enter into the cost of such a move. Working with Bright Removals, they will make sure to add up everything in a free quote, and the price that will be provided to you will be the price that you will pay in the end, if you choose them. No extra cost or hidden fees will be added to the original quote.

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