Coast To Coast: Plan A Staycation And Visit The UK’s Most Stunning Coastlines

Staycations are more popular than ever. After recent world events put strict limits on overseas travel, more and more people began to seek out holiday destinations in their native countries. Many were surprised to find that the best holidays are found right here at home.

The UK has an enormous coastline, with incredible scenery that ranges from picturesque to formidable. If you’ve decided to stay at home this year and spend your holiday visiting the UK’s coasts, we’ve put together a guide to help you out. Keep reading to find out more.

Get Travel Insurance

Don’t assume that travel insurance is just for those of us who choose to take our holidays overseas. Accidents can happen, even on a staycation, especially one where you’re doing a lot of travelling and moving around. Coasts pose their own unique risk. The ocean can be dangerous, and beaches are often subject to wild and unpredictable weather changes.

Staycations are particularly popular among families with young children and the elderly. For the latter, finding insurance for travel with medical conditions is helps ensure that their staycation can be enjoyed worry and stress-free.

Plan Your Journey

When it comes to planning your staycation, you may end up realizing you know far less about your home country than you realized. You’ll come across names of places you’ve never heard of and spots of scenic beauty you never knew existed.

If you’re looking for sunshine, head to the south of the country. Porthcurno Beach in Cornwall is regarded as one of the beautiful beaches in the whole of the UK, and it sees more sunlight than most other spots in the country. Take in the views from the white sandy shores or brave the chill and take a dip in the dazzling blue waters.

If you’re looking for a little more adventure and don’t mind heading somewhere more remote, consider heading north to Scotland. Luskentrye Sands is a beach that can be found of the west coast of the island of Harris, in the Outer Hebrides. This incredible beach has been voted one of the most beautiful in the world, you’ll be stunned at its grandeur and moved by the feeling of isolation.

Pack What You Need

Before you set off on your staycation, you’re going to need to make sure that you’ve packed everything you need. While the passports can be left at home this year, you’ll still need an assortment of other things to ensure your holiday is an enjoyable one.

Clothes are obviously essential. However, you’ll need to pack with the fickle British weather in mind. It could be cold, raining, hot, or cloudy, often all in the space of one day. Bear this in mind and pack a range of versatile clothing. You’ll need spares of everything too, nobody wants to be spending their vacation in wet socks.

If you’re bringing the kids along, you’ll need something to keep them entertained on long car or train journeys. They will also love playing on the beach, so bring buckets and spades and help them build some sandcastles.


A staycation can come with all the promise of adventure and unforgettable memories right here on our doorstop. Not only will you avoid the stress of the whole airport experience, but you’ll also get to learn even more about your home country.

The UK has some fantastic coasts, from sunny sandy beaches to remote expanses. Wherever you choose to go, remember to get travel insurance ahead of time, plan your journey in detail, and pack everything you’re going to need.

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