Berwick MP: ‘We’ll have another election by 2019’

Anne-Marie Trevelyan has stated recently that she doesn’t expect another general election before 2019. The comments came when the conservative MP from the North East was asked by ITV News when the next election might be. The MP expects the prime minister to forge ahead despite her party having a minority in parliament so as to conclude the negotiations relating to the UK’s exit from the European Union. Due to this, she expects that there will be stability for the next two years.

The Conservative MPs comments were however not in agreement with those of the Prime Minister who stated that she intends to form a government with the Democratic Unionist Party for the next five years. The Prime Minister was speaking outside Number 10 and stated that over the next five years, the UK will complete their exit from the EU and work to build a country in which no community or individuals will be left behind.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan is one of only three MPs representing the North East who are in the conservative party. During the elections, she went up against the Labour party but managed to get 11,781 votes, enough to ensure her victory. She is one of the MPs who had supported the idea of the UK leaving the EU. The conservative party didn’t gain any seats in the North East with their victory in Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland over the labour party being balanced out by their loss of the Stockton South constituency to the Labour party. While the conservative party performed much worse than the prime minister had anticipated when she called the snap election, the MP still stands by the decision to call the election.

The MP stated that the move had been done so as to give the Prime Minister the powers she needed to proceed with the negotiations with a clear voice and she believes that getting 42.4% of the vote across the UK will achieve that. This is a larger share than the conservative party has had in many years.

The MP stated that the exit of the UK from the EU is still her top priority. In the referendum, more than half the people in Berwick Upon Tweed voted to leave the EU. She also stated that many voters chose her because of they believed the current Prime Minister would ensure a stronger Brexit deal.

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