Living On A Boat: Our Top Tips

With house prices soaring and home ownership becoming increasingly unobtainable to many, it’s understandable that increasing numbers of people are turning towards boats as an alternative form of home.

Whether you’re planning to live on your boat permanently or use it as a holiday home, it’s important that you know the basics before you embark on life aboard a boat. To help, here are some of our top tips on how to create your perfect home on the water.

Work Out If A Life At Sea Is Really For You

It’s easy to think that living on a boat is as simple as living in a house, but it’s actually a unique experience that isn’t right for everyone. Before you decide to buy a boat and start making it your home, you need to think about whether or not this will be the best solution for you. If you get seasick easily, or don’t want to have to do too much maintenance work on your new home, then a boat might not be for you. Take the time to think about what you want from your home before you start looking into buying a boat.

Test Out Life On The Open Waves

If you’re undecided about whether life on a boat is for you, then try renting a boat for a short holiday to see how you find it. If at the end of it you’re happy and satisfied that you could live on a boat for a sustained period of time, then it’s time to take your quest for a new water-dwelling home one step further.

Find The Perfect Vessel

Initially, you need to consider what sort of boat you’re going to live on and find the vessel that’s right for you. Buying a boat can be as time consuming and challenging as buying a house or car, so make sure you take the time to explore all the boats that meet your needs before you commit to buying one. For those searching for their new home on the water, you can find boats for sale in the UK here.

Buy A Mooring

The next step is to buy or rent a mooring so that you have the right to keep your boat in a specific space for a set amount of time. Some properties come with moorings, so you could contact the owner to see if they will undertake an informal arrangement with you if you want to try and reduce the cost of your mooring. If this isn’t a viable option for you then you need to buy or rent space in a marina. This will give you access to facilities such as electricity, bathrooms and sometimes even laundry equipment, as well as providing you with a safe space to keep your boat.

Get All The Documentation You Need

Owning a boat is a big responsibility, and one that requires paperwork including proof of ownership, licenses and insurance, depending on what kind of boat you buy. Find out what you need and make sure that you get it as soon as you take ownership of your new boat. Seafaring vessels often require safety equipment as well, so make sure that you know exactly what is expected of you as the owner of the boat and have it ready.

Learn Basic Boat Maintenance

It’s important that boats are kept in good condition, particularly when people are living on them. When you first buy your boat, you should have it surveyed so that you can assess its condition and learn more about how much work it will need doing to it to make it suitable for habitation. Even if your new vessel is in great condition, it’s important that you learn how to maintain it so you can keep it that way.

Only Take What You Need

When the time comes for you to move onto your new boat, it’s important that you only take the items you need. Take the time before you move onto your new home to review all of your possessions and take stock of what you really need and what you don’t have to take with you. If you have a lot of larger items that you cannot live without, then consider renting a storage unit or keeping them in a friend or family member’s property so that they do not take up too much space on your boat and weigh it down.

Buy Furniture For Your New Home

Some of the furniture you had in your home on land, such as small tables and chairs, may be suitable for your boat, but other items like sofas and beds may need to be specially designed for your new vessel. If your boat doesn’t already have furniture build-in, then you may have to have it custom made so that your new home is comfortable and well-decorated.

Living on a boat is an exhilarating experience for anyone, and by following these tips you can make sure that you get off to a great start and enjoy many happy years living on the water. 

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