Moving onto A Boat? Here Are A Few Tips That Can Help You Organise Yourself for The Move

Choosing to sell up and move onto your boat is something many only dream of. We would all love to move onto our boats and have a life of complete freedom, but many of us fail to make that leap. If this is something you are aspiring towards, there are several things you should do to organise yourself for the move. Let’s take at some of the things you might want to organise if you are planning to move to your boat!

A Home Base

Moving to a boat can give you a lot of freedom but it can also present you with some issues. One of those can be a home base to operate out of. Obviously, moving out to your boat will usually mean that you sell your home and most of your belongings. If you do fancy a night on shore, where will you go?

See if you can always have a bed kept ready for you at a family member or friend’s house. It does not have to be anything substantial. You might even want to consider renting a small chalet or some similar structure which will be much cheaper than holding onto a full house or an apartment. Should you ever want to spend some time on land, you will now have that opportunity!

Get a Post-box

If you have not got a base you can go to, you are still going to need somewhere to send your mail to. There are many mailbox facilities all around the country that you could take advantage of. Hiring a mailbox means that you can redirect all your post to one safe location, ready to be picked up at your leisure.

Your home wharf might even have mailbox facilities included in your rental fees. Unfortunately, you can’t completely sever yourself when you move onto your boat. Though many things can be moved online, it is still helpful to have a post-box just in case you need to be contacted by post.

Store Don’t Sell

Moving to your boat means that you will not be able to take many of the things which you might have become accustomed to. We collect a lot of possessions throughout our lives and many boats are not able to hold as much as a house. Nevertheless, we might not want to get rid of absolutely everything.

Storage offers us the chance to put everything we want to keep somewhere safe and protected. It could be something as simple as some jewellery we don’t want to risk going overboard or it could be a piece of furniture we can’t be parted from. You even might want to keep clothes here so you can swap your wardrobe in and out as the seasons change. A storage option like that offered by Safestore means you can hold onto everything you want to, no matter how long you intend to stay on your boat.

Start Early

As soon as you know that you want to head out on your boat, you need to start organising for the move. Whether you are sending stuff to storage or selling it all, the sooner you can tackle the moving process, the less stress it will be for you overall.

Are you ready to start the next part of your life? Living on your own boat can be fun and full of adventure. A life on the water takes a lot of planning but it can be entirely worth it. Before you know it, you could be on your boat and ready to head out wherever you fancy.

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