Paul Timmons to exhibit at the Berwick Public Library

On 31 August, people will have an opportunity to enjoy the work of Paul Timmons, an artist from Dover, right here at the Berwick Public Library. Timmons has been awarded a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. He has also received a degree in illustration from the Montserrat College of Art which is located in Beverly, Massachusetts.

When speaking about his art, the artist stated that he is always trying to create whimsical worlds with equally whimsical characters in them that tell stories of irony and also occasionally expressing humorous themes that come with a dark twist. As for his inspiration, the artist mentioned that this comes from old children’s books, music and pop culture.

A good example of this is how he has managed to come up with new characters as well as writing new versions of well-known children’s stories from back in the day such as Little Red Riding Hood, The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland. He has also created a series of cyborg snowmen, popularly called ‘Snowbots’ as well as a series of miniature trolls that are whimsically called ‘Outofcontrolls’, all from polymer clay.

Much of the artist’s work has been published online on a number of sites. You can check out some of his illustrations on his freelanced page where he’s showcased several illustrations including a number from his rewritten children’s books. Some of his clay art can also be seen on his Facebook page. Clay art is an art form that has been around for many years but is becoming more popular as artists such as Timmons start to work with materials other than traditional clay. This has made it possible for clay art to achieve colours that would only have been possible with traditional clay if the pieces were painted afterwards. The colour combinations have allowed for more detailed and visually appealing designs.

Timmons has now written and illustrated a number of children’s books and he’s looking forward to the day when they’ll get published. For those who wish to catch a glimpse of Timmons’ artwork, you can visit the Berwick Public Library which is open on Tuesday and Wednesday between 9.30am and 7.30pm and on Friday and Saturday between 9.30am and 1.30pm. The library is located at 103 Old Pine Hill Road. If you have other enquiries, you can reach the library by dialling 207-698-5737 or you can visit the website at

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