Art for Cure exhibition in Aldeburgh raises thousands for breast cancer research

Breast cancer research recently received a boost as Art for Cure raised £27,000 for the cause after selling more than £60,000 worth of artwork during its latest exhibition. The exhibition was labelled “She” and was held at Peter Pears and Garage Galleries, which are located at the seaside town of Aldeburgh, during the weekend (3rd and 4th of June). This was the first time the charity has held a pop-up art and sculpture exhibition and many people have called the event a huge success.

There were several national artists whose works were exhibited during the exhibition including Jude Jelfs and Henrietta Dubrey. There were also several well-known artists from Suffolk whose works were on display including Maggi Hambling, Jelly Green and Theronda Hoffman.

The chairlady and co-founder of Art for Cure, Belinda Gray, called the event great as more than 200 people attended the show with the charity making more than £50,000 in sales on the first day. The watercolours done by Jelly Green, according to Belinda, were quite popular and in attendance on the opening night was Maggi Hambling. She concluded by saying what was no remaining was deciding how the money raised would be divided among the organisations in Suffolk that are working on a cure for breast cancer.

At the beginning of May 2018, Art for Cure will be holding another exhibition at Glemham hall and this will be followed by a cycle ride from South Vietnam to Cambodia in November of the same year.

Art for Cure was launched in 2014 by art lovers Belinda Gray and Sally Ball after Belinda had just finished treatment after being diagnosed with breast cancer. The first show was held at her home and gardens in Suffolk and was a major success as more than £100,000 was raised for Breakthrough, a major breast cancer charity. This was the largest amount raised in a private event in 2014.

Although the event was supposed to be a one-off thing, Art for Cure was once again held in 2016. The event was at Glemham hall and Art for Curew was also incorporated as a charitable company at Companies House. During the 2016 event, £175,000 was raised of which £100,000 went to Breast Cancer Now while £74,000 went to various projects based in Suffolk that were assisting those who’d been diagnosed with breast cancer.

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