The horse racing season is off to an excellent start. The Cheltenham Festival is coming in March and the Grand National following soon after in April. However, there is the question of whether other race-courses are able to compete and host events of this magnitude. With so many people turning up to watch these events, there is no doubt that a lot of people have a passion for the sport so it’s not a question of a lack of audience.

The Brighton calendar will be kicking off on April 15 with the first race of the season. The experience on this course is special thanks to the high setting which provides beautiful views of the nearby countryside, sea and city. Thanks to this amazing location, as recently as last year, this course was voted one of the best places to watch sport in the UK by the Telegraph. However, is it possible for Brighton to put up an event that will rival the Grand National in terms of size?

In order to bring in a greater number of audiences, the Brighton Racecourse can build on its beauty while also attracting the right trainers and horses to events held there. However, a larger prize pot will be necessary for the venue to attract the trainers. Additionally, holding a different range of events at the course will also bring in people who wouldn’t have come there on another day. The number of spectators can be increased by making occasions during the horse racing season more memorable. Interest from the media will also be important in order to give the venue more credibility and to bring in both horses and audiences. However, will this be enough to make the racecourse able to hold a much larger event?

The Grand National has been holding races since 1839 and features a course that more than four miles long with 30 fences and handicap steeplechase. In 2016, the event was broadcasted to 600 million people all over the world and there were 150,000 people in attendance during the three-day event. However, the event is just about the horses. Many also see it as an event to dress up with William Hill now offering a £35,000 prize to the winner of the Ladies Day style award. Although the Brighton event may never reach these heights, it still has the potential to host a major racing event and there is no harm in trying.

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