Brighton is a densely populated city that is quite vibrant. It has a high standard of living and the residents have a much higher level of satisfaction with 90% stating that they are happy to live there. However, what’s it like for those who own or wish to own businesses? If you’re only just thinking of getting started, is it worth the effort and what should you prepare for?

There is beauty in the small

Of the almost 14,000 commercial enterprises in the city, approximately 85% are small businesses i.e. they employ less than ten people. Not all these business start small but being small makes it easier for these businesses to get trading partners and also a place among the locals. This means that the community has a lot of diversity which can be to the advantage of someone looking to network and build contacts when starting a new business. Much of the infrastructure in the city is made with the view of supporting the small businesses and this can be useful to your business during the early days.


London is one of the most highly sought after destinations in business but the prices are too high for most new businesses. Brighton is just an hour away from the capital and this makes it possible for you to go to the city when you have business to conduct there. This also makes Brighton a great destination for business people in London if you wish to invite them to your place of work. The city also has many tourists who pass by so you never have to look too far to find customers.

Skills in the Workforce

The people in Brighton hold higher qualifications than people in the surrounding regions on average. This applies whether you’re looking for people who are fresh from high school or university graduates. Most of the people hold qualifications in humanities and the arts but the skill base is large and as an employer, you won’t be short of options.

Access to support

There are many services to support new businesses in Brighton and also several institutions that can make it easier to conduct business in the area. There are co-working offices and business hubs that will allow you to manage your overhead more easily, as well as business storage facilities available locally.

The Challenges

There are parts of Brighton where you can find it challenging to set up a business due to problems such as flooding and poor internet connectivity.

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