Wahaca was founded by former Masterchef contestant Tomasina Miers and is one of the show’s biggest success stories. The Wahaca chain was built on Tomasina’s inspirations while travelling in South America and Mexico and this chain has brought the popular Mexican street food to the British.

Wahaca is located at the centre of Brighton and it offers more than just delicious food. The atmosphere is pleasantly lively and together with the friendly wait staff, helps to create a much better eating experience. Some aspects of the restaurant can, however, feel formulaic as is common in many chain restaurants but there are variations in this and every other Wahaca location. This is because each restaurant will have custom made artwork from different parts of the world. The Wahaca in Brighton has artwork from Mazatl, a Mexico City based street artist.

There is something for everyone in the restaurant’s cocktail menu. When you go through the long list of drinks available, you have no doubt that there is something in there for you. Naturally, there are the usual mixed drinks and cocktails that you’d expect but Wahaca doesn’t just stop there and also includes a variety of tequila and Mexican beer options. These include Anejo, Reposado and 100% blue agave Blanco.

However, it’s the tapas-style Mexican street food that Wahaca is particularly known for and it doesn’t disappoint. The menu features almost anything your heart will desires from tacos to quesadillas to fajitas. If you choose the taco, prepare your taste buds for the steak within which has all the qualities you’d want; tender and juicy. The chicken tostadas and other dishes are also quite good but you may find one or two lacking a certain ‘wow factor’. For example, the tostada may not be as crunchy as you’d want. There is also the fact that there are many dishes on the menu which have a similar flavour but this might just be due to the sensory overload that comes with having so many options to choose from.

When it comes to pricing, it’s a good thing that the Wahaca continues with the street food tradition of being easy on the pocket. Considering its location, it gives diners a great option for an inexpensive place to eat at the heart of the city. The excellent atmosphere and the great drinks menu make it a good addition to the list of places to eat in Brighton.

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