Silk & Co merges with Ashdown Hurrey

Accountancy firm Silk & Co recently merged with Ashdown Hurrey, another local accountancy firm, after trading for 27 years. Peter Silk set up his accountancy firm back in the 80s and since that time has been operating from the offices in Havelock Road in Hastings. On the first day of April 2017, Silk made the change to the offices of Ashdown Hurrey which was just two doors up and where many people with whom he’d worked with in the past were now part of the team.

When speaking about the merger, Silk stated that Ashdown Hurrey had a very good reputation locally and they shared similar values and approaches and this was going to be good for his clients because it would ensure they got the same level of personal service while also giving them a chance to make the most of the technological advances. He stated that the firm was still open for business and with the extra help, they will be able to give their regular clients the same service they’d become accustomed to while also being able to take on new clients.

A director at Ashdown Hurrey in Hastings, Jeff Moore, stated that they were quite interested when Silk approached them because they knew the firm was well regarded and was a good fit with regards to resource sharing for the sake of improving the quality of services provided to clients. Sue Lee will also be joining Peter Silk at the new offices, having worked beside him from the time he set up his firm.

Ashdown Hurrey has been around since 1981 and has provided support for local, national and international businesses in matters dealing with accounting and taxation

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