A £65,000 splash for Mablethorpe with news of the East Coast’s first Aqua Park

A multi-purpose Aqua Park will finally be coming to the East Coast and Mablethorpe will have the privilege of being its home. The new facility is to be built at the Grange Leisure Park, located on Alford Road and it is believed that the park will be set up for a price of £65,000.

The park should have a lot to offer, assuming that everything goes according to plan and it could be ready as early as May, just before the main holiday season kicks off. The intended location of the park was initially supposed to be a fishing lake but will now become a 45-metre water activity platform where people of any age will be able to come for a thrilling time. Richard Smith, a Sutton on Sea resident who has worked in sports and leisure management for more than two decades was the one who proposed the idea. Smith currently works at Tattershall Lakes which has a similar park although he will soon be leaving his post there and he stated that he was quite thrilled to be bringing the Aqua Park to Mablethorpe.

Mr Smith believes that the facility is going to draw more people to Mablethorpe. He pointed out the lack of a tidal or swimming pool facility in the town that can be used by residents and he is hopeful that the Aqua Park will fill the market gap. He also pointed out that with the exception of Tattershall Lakes, there wasn’t any other facility of this type along the East Coast. He also added that for him, it felt good to be giving back to the community within which he lived.

Mr Smith is currently working on the project together with the owners of Grange Leisure Park, Coastfields Leisure Ltd and David Honman, the business manager for Coastfields Leisure described the timing of the idea for the park as ideal since his company was looking to explore other leisure options. As he explained, their company was already looking at new ideas to improve what they were offering at the park. Since they already had five lakes for fishing, having one for leisure would be a very good thing.

He added that the park which would be made of inflatable apparatus will be open to both locals and people on holiday and will have a capacity of 60 people.

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