Afternoon team may feel like a luxury when you’re seated at the historic Manor House located at Elmers Court. From the Manor house, you can enjoy the amazing view of the beautiful Queen Mary Lawn while also enjoying the view of the lower part of Lymington River. The best part is that the pricing is actually similar to what you’d be charged for cake and coffee in other cafes in the area. And now that it has become the norm in establishments in many other parts of the country, you can also expect top class fresh clotted cream.

Tea at Elmers Court

There are two very good reasons why you should have Afternoon Tea at Elmers Court. Change is the first reason. If you have a group of friends with whom you like to sit down every once in a while and exchange pleasantries and gossip over some morning coffee, you could shake things up by switching to Afternoon Tea which can be found in many New Forest eateries.

Afternoon Tea for a business meeting with your team or a colleague is also a great idea and a good incentive to think outside the box during a brainstorming session. The Cream Tea works especially well for such purposes. At Elmers Court, the Cream Tea includes two large delicious scones that are served warm with Devonshire clotted cream, strawberry preserve together with Clipper pyramid tea.

Afternoon Tea making a comeback

In a world dominated by social media, afternoon tea is starting to gain popularity once again. According to an article that was recently published in The Telegraph, people are going afternoon tea mad instead. Which also went a bit into the mythology of when the English first became big fans of afternoon tea. One of the stories has it that the idea of having tea with sandwiches and tarts in the afternoon started in around 1840 thanks to Anna Maria Russell who was also the 7th Duchess of Bedford. The meal supposedly came about as a way of ‘filling in’ the gap between lunch and supper. Nowadays it serves more as something to pick you up at the end of a hectic day.

The UK Tea Council has also confirmed that the tradition of afternoon tea is now stronger than it has ever been as more people are trying it and enjoying it.

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