Cromer campaign launched to bring tourists in come rain or shine

The town of Cromer is known for its sandy beaches, ice cream, the pier and fish and chips. However, even as the town prepares for yet another busy summer, the Chamber of Trade and Business in town is in the process of ensuring that visitors will have a reason to come to Cromer not matter the season. At the Royal Norfolk Show, the Cromer 365 campaign will be launched and those who visit the campaign’s stall will be provided with leaflets that will show all that Cromer has to offer.

The president of the town’s Chamber of Trade and Business, Gary Dickenson, stated that they were hoping to see more people coming to the town during the in season and also during the rest of the year because this would greatly benefit the local businesses. According to Dickenson, there have been many more people choosing to come to the UK for their holidays and a lot of work has been done in the region of north Norfolk to bring in more tourists. However, they are now looking to make Cromer the destination of choice for the tourists.

Dickenson who has also been the president of the chamber for 15 months added that they were trying to let people know that there much on offer in Cromer throughout the year and that the town wasn’t just about the beach. The name of the campaign, Cromer 365, was chosen to show that there’s always something to do in Cromer 365 days of the year. To this effect, the leaflet will include a list of 20 things to do in Cromer, promotional drinks and food and there will also be offers for discounted pier tickets.

The idea for the campaign has been around since last year, according to Dickenson, when the town council put up a stall to promote the town at the show. The idea was received quite well and when Dickenson got involved, they decided that they’d do the same again except this time they’d be doing much more.

Dickenson believes the idea will work out since he had the chance to talk to a few people who used to come to Cromer when they were children while at the Royal Norfolk Show and he noticed that talking about Cromer stirred a lot of emotions in them. The Cromer 365 team will be at the Royal Norfolk Show on 28th and 29th of June.

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