Felixstowe international freight company Interfreight UK granted Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status

Interfreight UK, an international freight company located in Felixstowe, has finally been granted Authorised Economic Operator status and the company is feeling quite pleased with this accomplishment.

This marque represents a significant milestone, in terms of quality for the company and it establishes the company as a serious player in the international supply chain. This also demonstrates that the company’s procedures and custom controls have the required level of efficiency and are in line with the requirements set by the HMRC.

To achieve this AEO status, the company was required to meet a number of criteria including having the required safety and security measures in place, financial solvency, a good history in terms of tax and compliance, good record keeping standards with regard to business and transportation.

Danny Summers, the owner of the firm stated that the recent milestone was great news for the company as they would be one of only 500 companies in the UK to have gotten AEO certification. This would mean that they are operating in the same environment as big name companies such as IBM, British Airways and Asda. He added that the certification would also cement the company’s position further in the international market.

Interfreight UK Ltd. was launched in 2007 in order to manage the logistics of a major ceramics producer buy has since grown to become a major forwarding agent in the UK and other parts of the world. The company has grown rapidly and plays a major role in the export of various products including Refractory products, electrical goods, foodstuffs, ceramics and other consumer goods. According to the company, their success has been due to maintaining a close working relationship with its clients and paying close attention to their needs so they can deliver a service that is a good match for them.

According to the company, achieving the AEO certification will mean a lower risk score in systems that carry out risk analysis and when physical controls are needed, they will also be given priority treatment. Goods that are handled by the company may also move faster thanks to mutual recognition of AEO programmes. Faster moving goods could mean few instances of theft and fewer delays in shipment since the containers are less likely to be stopped for inspection by customs. To achieve the certification, the company had to be scrutinized from all angles of the supply chain including partners.

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