Filipinos give pupils amazing insight into their culture

This year’s International Day at Lyndhurst Infant School decided to turn its focus to the Philippines. Families of Filipino origin were invited to the school so they could have a chance to share their culture with the young learners.

For the children at the school, the entire day was an amazing experienceaccording to Mrs Stella Bray who was working with the families to prepare for the day. She described the atmosphere as brilliant and also stated that the children had really enjoyed finding out more about the Filipino culture. She also added that it had been a very pleasurable experience to work with the families in the community and she also thanked the families for their contribution to the day and their support for the event.

Among the activities that had been planned for the day was an exercise that involved decorating traditional vehicles that are called Jeepneys. These and other workshops were led by the parents who also showed the students how to use the Sampaguita to make garlands. Sampaguita is the Philippines national flower. The children were also taught a number of traditional songs and games in the hall and in the classrooms, they were shown how to use atlases and maps to locate the Philippines and were also shown how to make collages of the flag, national bird and flower of the Philippines.

There was also a talk about the Philippines and the young learners were shown photos of the country and they also had a chance to look at the actual money used in the Philippines. There were also several dishes from the Philippines which were prepared during the event so as to give the children a taste of what the food in the country was. There was also something for the staff who enjoyed an home-cooked traditional Filipino Buffet.

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