Harleys to return to Fakenham while Wells welcomes bikers to sunny coast

A special show for Harley Davidson enthusiasts will be coming to Fakenham for a second rally this year and the organiser is already predicting that it will be three times bigger than the original. Liam O’Sullivan of the Gallery Bistro has teamed up with Neil Sturman and butcher Sam Papworth to invite 150 Harley Davidson bikes to the town centre for the 29th July event. During the period of the morning event, the entire market will remain closed. The event will see the bikes lined up to be viewed by the public who will also have a chance to talk to the bike’s owners.

According to O’Sullivan, there were 50 bikes at last year’s event and that was a good turnout considering it was the first but they decided that this year they wanted to do something even bigger so they could close the roads and invite the bikes to the town much like a mini-carnival. He also added that there would be 150 bikes at the event this year as well as stalls, a barbecue and American cars. O’Sullivan believes that any event such as this is a good idea because it gives the town’s people a chance to get together.

The barbecue will be run by Sam Papworth and in the morning, people will be able to get pastries and refreshments from the Bistro. However, the event planners are planning to save the best for last. At the end of the show in Fakenham, the bikers will ride off together, passing through the town before heading towards the coast. In the words of Mr O’Sullivan, it will be a spectacle. The event is expected to start at 9 in the morning and continue until half past noon. The event will also be used to raise money for the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

Wells was also hosting a motorbike event last weekend with the event bringing in approximately 500 bikes which were parked on the Beach road. The organisers of the event were the Wells Football Club and this was the ninth year of the event which was named the Wheels next the Sea event. Bikers rode into town from all over. According to Steve Finch, the football club chairman, there was even a father and son who came from Grimsby. Matt Knowles from Romford won the award for Best Bike in Show.

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