Holidaymakers rush to help fire service tackle Skegness blaze

After spotting smoke from a nearby fire, two holiday visitors rushed to help fight a fire that had broken out nearby. The couple, Mark Avison and his fiancée, Lisa Kennedy, who are both from Nottingham, were travelling on a bus in the seaside resort in Lincolnshire when they suddenly noticed the smoke coming from behind the Suncastle pub that is located on North Parade. The two rushed to provide their assistance while also alerting the fire service who responded quickly to put out the fire before it caused more damage.

According to Mark, the smoke could be seen from as far away as the Skegness train station and he and his fiancée quickly got off the bus to check whether there was somebody there who needed their assistance. He added that although they were on holiday, he’s always believed that it’s good to help out in such situations. Although he’d originally thought that it was a barbecue, it actually turned out to be a huge fire. He added that the firemen had been alerted about the fire by several people and they responded quickly to put it out and it turned out that it was a bench which had caught fire after a twig underneath it had been set alight.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service also confirmed that one of their crews in the area had been sent to put out the fire and that the fire had been caused by a burning PVC bench that had somehow caught fire from a barbecue nearby.

A spokesperson stated that they had received 16 calls in relation to the incident on North Parade Skegness. The spokesperson stated that a PVC park bench and nearby grass which were on fire were extinguished using a one hose reel by one of the crews from Skegness fire. They established that a barbecue which had been carelessly discarded was the source of the radiant heat that set the bench on the fire.

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