Improving home equals improving life quality

Has it been years since your home was last renovated or maybe it has never been? Does it feel antiquated, and space isn’t being used as well as it could be? Perhaps you need more space or more light? So you’ve decided it’s time for it to undergo a complete renovation. However, you’re concerned that renovating your property will cost you vast amounts of money, and you may not be able to perform all changes you want to. Here is good news: you should have no problem renovating a house on a budget by following these tips.


Have you been so busy for years that there was no time to dispose of all things that you don’t use any more? Now it is perfect time to declutter your home!

A living room is a place where you have a coffee with friends, show off your personality, display your books, and if it is and cluttered, the last thing you’ll want to do is hang out there. Remove all unnecessary items before the renovation, because it will be easier to put the room back together after it is finished, and you will have more space at the same time.

If you think about other rooms, you will also find things to remove, so they won’t tempt you to bring them back after improvement. Consider getting rid of expired cosmetics and opened bottles you no longer use from the bathroom, chairs for clothing from your bedroom, extra pots, frying pans and plates from the kitchen and if you have children, toys that they hardly use.

Once all improvements are finished, and all items returned to their place, you will be happy to realise you have more free space in rooms!

Enlarging living space

Perhaps you are renovating home in order to make a home office. Or maybe you’ve got a baby or children have grown up and need separate or bigger rooms. In that case, you need house extension. House extensions remain the most popular home renovation service, but, consider the conversion of the attic or loft into living space. This conversion will not be adding to the actual square footage of a home, but it will be adding to the square footage of the liveable areas. In this case, you will need to expand heating and electricity systems as well.

Floor screeding / Liquid / Concrete flooring

If you are converting loft or attic into living space, the first thing is to make a base for flooring. It is good to consider underfloor heating as an option at this moment. When looking for liquid screed suppliers, be sure to have this in mind, because some of them will offer you pieces of advice concerning underfloor heating, and provide a smooth level surface, suitable for use with underfloor heating and application of all floor finishes.


You have a choice to renovate home yourself or pay professionals to do it for you. This decision might be difficult, but it affects not only the budget but also time spent in the remodelling. Experts will do the job faster and clean up after they are finished. Also, there is a possibility of errors or incidents which you could not see coming if you do a job yourself, even if it only changes of tiles in the bathroom and kitchen or changing faucets.

Do proper research with family and friends who did renovation recently because they can help you make this decision. Whatever you chose to do, make sure to have insurance in case of any unexpected event.

Install Seamless Gutters Or Get Your Gutters Professionally Cleaned

Calling a professional to clean your gutters or repair them offers maximum protection against damages from rainwater on your roof and yes, who would have thought the type of guttering you have can improve your home and quality of life. Well seamless aluminium guttering has fast become the number one trend of rain water system. Look sleek visually appealing looks, coupled with zero maintenance makes one less thing to worry about.

Constructed by fine grade aluminium suppliers Bespoke Guttering  have be leading the way for this style of gutters. Most popular choice is ogee in a anthracite grey colour, and wow do they look fantastic.

Cleaning after renovation

There will be vast amounts of rubbish after renovation. Broken tiles, old taps, replaced doors and windows, garden waste and all other junk gathered at one place need to be removed. Handling all this material could be dangerous, and you will need protection from scratches and injuries. The safest way of getting rid is to hire rubbish and junk removal company. Not only they will do it faster, in a safe way and responsibly, but also ensure that rubbish is recycled.

Indoor aesthetics

When all heavy work is done, it is time to arrange rooms.

Bathroom and kitchen are places where any small change is very effective. Changing taps and handles are a slight improvement concerning effort, but it is a significant visual update! Adding new appliances into the kitchen can be as useful as changing of sanitary ware in the bathroom.

Choosing right furniture, rugs, carpets, curtains and shades is next vital thing to be done. Perhaps you will completely change the style of your home, or keep old furniture and change upholstery. If you do a complete change, make sure that all materials fit the same style and are of a similar colour with wall paint and curtains.

Windows are an essential element in any room. Proper shades can be enough to give your home a new style and change looks of windows. They not just bring on a better presentability but creates a vast space that can be used. Honeycomb shades are an excellent option to consider while dressing up the window spaces. You can find discounted honeycomb shades in colour that best suits your room and in the highest quality.

Patio improvement

Outdoor appearance is as important as indoors. Update your garden as well! Changing patio furniture is an excellent way of updating your garden. You can choose the style and material that complements your garden or veranda the best: wood, teak or aluminium furniture, with cushions or modern look.

Adding outdoor lighting increases the attractiveness of a home at night and can create an excellent impression on any visitor. Re-seed areas of grass which are struggling too. Enrich lovely landscape by planting a few trees and flowers and make your loan green and well mowed as it is vastly improving the ever important aesthetics.

Remodelling existing paths and adding new ones, along with adding a bench in the backyard is a good idea of updating the garden without adding too many items to it.

When all updates are done, and you are satisfied with the outcome, there is only one thing left to do: invite your friends and family and enjoy your refreshed home with them!

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