It’s crunch time for Sutton on Sea Library

Volunteers will be moving to save the Sutton-on-Sea Library but they’ll be looking to the residents to assist them in their efforts. The group of volunteers has been working as hard as they’ve ever been since the time they came together in 2012 and they’re hoping that they’ll be able to take over the running of the library, a challenge that they are ready to face. However, the volunteers have a nervous wait ahead of them as a crucial time for the decision on the running of the library in years to come starts.

In the coming week, a decision will be made on the High Court Judicial Review regarding the decision to shut down the library with the closure being challenged by Save Lincolnshire Libraries. In the weeks to come, the impact of the decision on those at Sutton-on-Sea Library will be known. In the event that the review favours the council, the volunteers will need to raise the money needed to keep the library running and they’ll also need access to funds for it to remain solvent and improve on what it provides to the community. A Community Interest Company is supposed to be formed for this purpose and the company would act as an umbrella organisation that will manage the hub of the community like a business.

However, support from the people in Sutton-on-Sea is the final piece of the puzzle needed by the volunteers. The Sutton-on-Sea Social Club will be holding a public meeting on July 15 from 7 pm. Judi Rastall, one of the volunteers stated that there was a possibility that people would have to find new ways to look at libraries. Rastall requested that anyone who thought like they did that there was still a need to have a library in the area because it was beneficial to both locals and visitors should turn up for the meeting to see what was happening.

Steve Palmer, the Sutton-on-Sea and Alford’s county councillor, stated that if people really did value their library then it was important for them to show up and demonstrate their support. He, however, added that he preferred it if the review overturned the council’s decision since there was nothing better than a library that was professionally run. Both the Sutton-on-Sea library and Alford library are found in Steve Palmer’s division and both are under threat.

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