Live Music and New Menu at The Jolly Sailor

Many pubs around the country have been going out of business in recent times and those that are staying open are always working hard to do something extra. The Jolly Sailor is a good example of this as they launched their brand new menu. There was a live music event taking place on the day of the launch and that made it a good chance to see how popular these events were.

At around 7 in the evening the place was relatively quiet but as more customers turned up for the Frank and Dean Five year anniversary show, the excitement quickly rose and the place was packed by half past eight. Entry to the show was free but customers could also book a table for which they’d pay £30 and for that they could share a bottle of Prosecco and a platter. The shared platters were quite popular on that particular night but you can also stick to enjoying something from the menu.

The menu isn’t extensive by any measure. There are only five starters and a good number of these include burgers but you should be able to find something you like unless you’re a vegetarian. Then your options might be somewhat limited. On a good day, they may have specials but you’ll want to check with the staff first. One of the starters that you can go for is the Thai spiced fish cake which comes with a healthy portion of chilli tomato jam. The fish cake is quite large so the jam will have its uses. For the main course, one of the options is an 8oz sirloin steak which is very well prepared depending on how you like your steak. The dish comes with tomato, grilled mushrooms and some of the best chunky chips around. You can also get a peppercorn or blue cheese sauce if you’d like.

Dessert options are also quite limited but the little that is there is very well prepared. The brownie, for instance, is crunchy on the outside and gooey in the centre and the crème brulee is also quite good. Considering how busy the night was, the staff handled everything nicely. Live music events have been held here since 2011 so they are obviously well prepared when the time comes. According to Ross McInally, there is a live music performance every weekend with Saturday nights usually reserved for big bands.

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