Massive village housing development blocked by planners

Plans to put up a major development at the edge of Thorpe has finally been rejected. The development was supposed to include a health centre, care units, holiday units and homes. A public car park and business units were also included in the plans for what was to be the Lifehouse Spa and Hotel which was to be put up in Frinton Road. The council of Thorpe Parish had no option but to refuse the proposal after the tendering council received 380 letters speaking against the project and among the letters was also a petition.

One part of the 21-hectare site is within the conservations are of the village. The site also contains a grade-two landscape that relates to Thorpe Hall’s historic gardens. According to the application, the proposed development would have had 92 independent care units, 200 residences and 50 luxury holiday units. One access would come from an existing drive that leads to the hotel while a new access was also to be created from Station Road.

According to the planners for the Tendering Council, the development was going to have a negative impact on the character of the historic area and the conservation area. A spokesperson for the council stated that the locality’s historic character would be irrevocably changed by the development if it was to go through.

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