MP visits renewable energy business in Littlehampton

Saunders Energy, located in Littlehampton Marina, was recently paid a visit by Bognor Regis and Littlehampton MP, Nick Gibb. Saunders Energy is a renewable energy firm and the brains behind the PowerFrame turbines which they designed and built for the purpose of harnessing tidal energy which comes from the flow of water on the steel runners due to waves. The company is hoping that each of the turbines will be able to provide the energy needed to power several houses.

Mr Gibb said that he was quite impressed by the innovativeness of the company’s engineering work and was quite happy that the firm had decided to do their work in Littlehampton. He also said that the work being done there was pioneering and very important to the industry. Since June, there has already been one turbine in Littlehampton Harbour which was being used for testing purposes but the number could rise to five as four more are expected to come there in the months to follow.

Saunders Energy prices each of the units at £25,000 and they are hoping that these units will appeal to people are looking for alternative sources of energy that are more environmentally friendly. The PowerFrame turbine is fixed below the water and the rate of electricity generation will increase with the speed of the water. The turbine is designed for places where the water speed is 3 knots or higher.

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