Restaurant review: The Nancy, Burton Pidsea

While many pubs in the area are struggling to provide a good balance between good food and a great atmosphere to keep the regulars contented, The Nancy, which is located at Burton Pidsea is not doing too bad. Five years ago, when Dee Soper bought the Nancy Inn, it wasn’t doing too well. Dee did the necessary renovations and brought Simon Rogers to run the Kitchen and things have been good since.

Simon Rogers is well known for being the person behind the Boars Nest restaurant in Hull which was very successful before abruptly shutting down in 2011. He came to The Nancy in 2014 bringing with him a menu that is robust and semi-traditional and this has resulted in the pub’s reputation and clientele increasing. A severe case of pneumonia would, however, take the life of Simon unexpectedly in 2016. Simon’s protégé Karl Raper would take his place and has helped the restaurant to achieve its vision while also updating the menu every month. The dishes served at the pub are all classics but they usually come with a twist. The dishes are made from locally acquired ingredients, much to the delight of the local population.

Some of the starters you can enjoy here include Lowna goat’s cheese with marinated apple, beetroot, orange and rapeseed oil. This dish is quite light and is balanced well although a little more dressing wouldn’t hurt. There’s also the pulled pork croquettes which come with barbeque dressing and slaw. The croquettes are not what you’d traditionally expect with the ‘pulled pork’ factor seeming more like a ‘by-the-way’ rather than the intent of the dish.

As for the main courses, there are many delicious options to choose from. The beef Wellington is definitely worth a try. The generous fillet is perfectly prepared and comes pink and moist with a filling that has a boozy meaty flavour. This works quite well with the béarnaise’s tarragon.

The grilled lobster is also a joy. It’s delivered fresh to the area and comes with English mustard cream, chips and baby leaf salad. The puddings are quite good too. The treacle, for instance, are chewy and gets you to enjoy many different textures including that of breadcrumbs and oats. The pudding also comes with ice cream which is made locally.

While the Nancy is a bit out of the way for many food enthusiasts, it’s certainly good enough to make a proper destination every once in a while.

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