Review underway into bringing money-spinning motor sport event to the roads of Tendring

A motor sport event that’s being touted as the next money-spinning event could be coming to Tendring roads depending on how an on how review that’s scheduled to take place will go. There is a rally that has been proposed for April next year that is to take place in the district. The proposals will now be reviewed by the Motor Sports Association who will then decide whether or not to take the next step needed to ensure the event takes off.

Tanya Ferguson, the tourism boss for the Tendring Council believes that it will be a major coup if they are able to bring the rally to the district and the local economy could benefit by as much as £500,000 from all the fans of motor sports and visitors who’ll be coming to the area. When speaking about the proposal, she stated that the event will be a first in the country under the new law and the area and the businesses within could reap significant rewards.

She mentioned that the Sheffield Hallam University has already done some research and the rewards from such an event could be in the region of £500,000 and would also mark a major milestone in the council’s promise to bring events to the area that would boost the tourism industry. She also mentioned that the event is likely to attract highly experienced drivers and that the Chelmsford Motor Club had already started a consultation period so those who maybe in the route of the rally can be informed early enough.

The final authorization for the plans will be coming from the Essex County Council but this will have to wait until the review from the MSA is done. However, Ms Ferguson also pointed out that there are still a number of stages that the project will have to go through before they can announce that the event will be taking place but even with this in mind, they had still taken a number of crucial steps and there was some progress.

At the moment, it’s expected that the association will start the review process by visiting the potential route at some point in July. Organising an event of this type wasn’t possible until earlier this year when a law was passed that allowed the suspension of the Road Traffic Act by local authorities during such events.

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