Safety concerns raised after Budleigh mobile bank forced to move

NatWest’s Mobile bank will no longer be stationed at their normal spot in Station Road. This comes after they were informed that they couldn’t use the parking spot by a civil parking enforcement officer who also told them that the spot is reserved for taxis. The mobile bank has, therefore, had no option but to move to the car park that is located behind public hall. This has however raised a few safety concerns with the vehicles that pass through that area and also the nearby station’s fire appliances.

Christine Channon, a county councillor, has been lobbying the council for the bank to be allowed to use their traditional spot by being given a special dispensation to park there. She stated that many people had found the bank useful and easily accessible at its usual location. She added that she didn’t want them parked behind the public hall because access there wasn’t easy nor safe.

In February 2015, Natwest closed its branch in Budleigh. However, to be able to cater to customers within the town, a mobile bank has been coming to the town once every week. The bank has been using the parking bay reserved for taxis outside of public hall. A Devon County Council spokesperson has however stated that mobile banks that operate in the county will have to follow the signed restrictions with regard to where they can park. He added that in certain situations, it may be better for the mobile banks to find a location that is off-street.

A spokesperson from the bank has also stated that the mobile bank parks at the public car park and they are sure customers can safely get to the branch. They added that they were also in the midst of talks with the local council to see whether the kerbside service would be restored.

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