Selsey’s ASDA announces opening date

A new supermarket that is scheduled to open in Selsey has revealed its opening date is going to be June 12. The supermarket was put up at a cost of £8m and has an area of £14,000 square feet. Construction of the store has created more than 80 jobs for people in the area in part time and full-time roles in the various departments in the store. Some of the offerings that people can expect from the store include handmade pizzas, cooked chicken from a rotisserie and fresh produce. There will also be fresh bread which will be baked on-site.

ASDA Selsey’s General Store Manager, Martyn Compton, stated that the team had worked very hard in the recent weeks to ensure that everything was ready in time for the day of the launch. He added that they are very eager to open the store and were looking forward to getting in touch with and becoming part of the local community. There will be in excess of 176 parking spots for customers and there will also be easy access links.

Asda Stores Ltd is a supermarket retailer in Britain with its headquarters in Leeds. The company was launched in 1965 after the merger of the Asquith family with Associated Diaries, a company in Yorkshire. During the 70s and 80s, the company expanded south and acquired various companies, supermarkets and businesses including MFI.

They later sold some of the acquisitions, instead choosing to focus on supermarkets. It was taken over by Walmart in 1999 and is currently the third largest chain of supermarkets in Britain by market share.

Compared to other supermarkets, a typical Asda store is nearly 20% larger and the larger stores have more than 30,000 different products. The company had a total of 206 supermarkets by around January 31.

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