Stunning waterfront boardwalk could be built next year

Plymouth could be getting its new £3million boardwalk on the waterfront as early as next year. The plans are, however, still waiting for government approval and the plans will also need to be refreshed. The firm planning to build the structure, Sutton Harbour Holdings Ltd has stated that it’s still waiting for Marine Management Organisation’s decision on whether or not they can proceed with the building process but they are expecting the decision in a few months. The waterfront structure is to be built at the Vauxhall Quay and the Plymouth City Council had already given its approval for the plan. However, the firm will still need the consent of the marine regulator.

The chief executive of the SHH, Jason Schofield has stated that the work may begin in 2018 if they get the approval but he also added that it may be necessary to go back to the drawing board first to address a few issues including the cost. The company’s dream is to put up a structure that looks like a pier that will have a small pavilion unit and two large restaurants. The planning consent came in 2015 and with the boardwalk, which will have a walkway for pedestrians, SHH is saying that people will be able to walk around in an area that is currently inaccessible.

The structure is expected to start from near the Three Crowns pub and move along Vauxhall Quay to Sutton Harbour Marina. This will link the Vauxhall and Guys Quays. The structure is, however, expected to reach out over the water and thus the MMO must have a say. To this end, the SHH has commissioned a number of surveys over the past year on the geology and ecology. Schofield stated that although they have to await the approval and may also be going back to the drawing board, the scheme is still a very good idea and they are keen to see it through.

He also said that SHH was looking to give new life to the property it currently has on the waterfront and they had several schemes planned along with this one. They are also talking to a developer about putting up a 10-storey mix-use tower at £60 million on East Quay. The building would have accommodation for students and flats. This is an effort by SHH to bring in different tenants and improve the area’s offerings.

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