Drivers on the Isle of Wight are being advised by the police that they risk losing their vehicles if they leave them unlocked. This comes in the wake of 8 reported cases of vehicle tampering or theft on Saturday and Sunday night in Shanklin. Most of the incidents took place under cover of darkness. In many of the incidents, the thieves made away with odd items that were on display such as loose change or sunglasses. A Michael Kors handbag was stolen from a Skoda Fabia that was parked on Whitecross Ave. Vehicles in other locations such as Brook road, Sibden Road etc. have also had various items stolen from inside.

2 fifteen-year olds were arrested on suspicion of committing 7 counts of theft from a motor vehicle. Although investigations are still ongoing at this moment, the two boys were released without being charged. A pair of pink Nike trainers for ladies have been recovered over the course of the constabulary’s investigations and the owner is being asked to come for the shoes in case they were stolen.

Theft from Cars

  • Avoid leaving items in the car to avoid the chances of losing them if thieves strike
  • Install a removable stereo and take it with you when you park the car. It should also have your postcode or registration number in case it’s stolen.
  • Even low-value items will be stolen since most thieves are not pick. Many will break in and pick something without analysing its value first.
  • Avoid hiding items in your car such as under the seat or in the glove compartment because there’s still a chance that someone saw you hiding it. If you must have something in your car, put it in the boot.
  • Even your own driveway isn’t safe. Don’t leave your car unlocked when parked since many of these incidents happen when the cars are parked close to the owner’s house.
  • Don’t leave your house keys in the car as you could be giving a thief easy entry to your home.

Number Plate Theft

Thieves have been stealing number plates so as to use them when committing other crimes such as to avoid parking fines or congestion charges. They can even be used in more serious crimes like burglary and vehicle cloning. Ensure you report to the police in case your vehicle’s index plate is stolen.

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