The Seafood Shack, Alnmouth

Seats are hard to come by at the Seafood Shack but this is understandable since the place is intended to be more of a takeaway joint. There are however a few tables both inside and outside if you’re lucky and in the mood to dine while sitting. If the weather is right you can also walk down the street and find a bench facing the estuary where you can enjoy your food. The white tiles on every wall give the place a fishmonger’s vibe which sits well with the concept of serving fresh seafood that the Seafood Shack works with.

The dishes available carry an air of freshness that lets you know they’ve been recently brought by local fishermen. The dishes are cooked simply without any over-the-top hassle so you get to enjoy the richness of flavour of the actual seafood. Food is served in environmentally friendly cardboard boxes which is great because you don’t have to worry about cleaning dishes afterwards and is also good for eating outside. The cutlery provided is also wooden.

The Seafood Shack closes during the winter months due to the high price of lobsters and the fact that customers for the delicacies are fewer. However, the place is quite popular when it’s open and there are plenty of long queues outside every Sunday.

A few of the delicacies served include raw Lindisfarne oysters and lobsters in mornay sauce. Side dishes include regular fries and sweet potato fries among others. The oysters are very fresh and while they might be an acquired taste, they can also be hard to resist. The lobsters are not the largest you’ll come across but they are definitely fresh. The preparation is also quite simple and with the smooth cheesiness of the mornay sauce to compliment it, it’s one of the tastiest lobster dishes you’ll have. The crab bun is also worth a taste and comes full of both brown and white crab meat.

The prices at the Seafood Shack are also very friendly with the half-lobster and fries going for less than ten pounds and the brown bun filled with crab meat going for less than five pounds. On Sundays, when the Shack is especially popular, it opens at around noon. The food here may not be of the upscale variety but for people genuinely interested in trying something different, there are many great tastes to enjoy here.

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