Tributes paid after Lowestoft house fire victims are named as Andrew McInnes and William Cooper

Scott Howlett, a friend, stated that he had been to the house as recently as Sunday afternoon, hours before the fire and had spoken with Mr McInnes. Howlett stated that the house was owned by McInnes who was confined to a wheelchair while Mr Cooper, popularly known as Billy, served as his care provider. Howlett added that the news was a big shock and he just couldn’t believe it.

According to Mr Howlett, he’d known McInnes for close to eight years and had been there on afternoon and night before but Billy hadn’t been around at the time and when nobody answered the door, he left a loaf of bread on the door. He added that the two men were known by others living in the street and they used to go to feed ducks in Kensington Gardens at the seafront almost every single day.

According to the police, there was nothing suspicious about the fire. The next step is for a report to be prepared for the coroner with inquests to be opened later on.

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