The theatre company Rain or Shine is considered as one of the best open air theatre companies and was even noted by ‘The Stage’. The company is now about to delight audiences once again as they bring their production of Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night’ to life, ready to take audiences to a different land in a different time.

12th night is a play about a girl named Viola who finds herself in a strange place and in the company of strange people following a shipwreck that separates her from her brother. As she lands on the sandy shores of Illyria, she disguises herself as a man and starts to explore the land. However, things soon take a strange turn as love, pride, mistaken identity and alcohol sets the main characters on a number of funny misadventures. The story features a wide range of characters from the drunken knights and pompous steward to fools and hopeless romantics demonstrating just why Shakespeare is regarded as one of the best comedians to have lived.

This performance is a great choice for outdoor entertainment and perfect for families with members of ages 6 to 96. The show will bring classical theatre back to local communities in Lymington over the weekend. The Bath Recreation Ground in Lymington will be hosting the performance which will be taking place on June 4th. The play will be starting at 5 pm as part of the ‘Artisans by the River’ Festival. The play will come at the end of the festival.

The organisers in Lymington have described it as a great privilege to be hosting the highly experienced Rain or Shine Theatre Company. Those attending have also been advised to bring their own picnic blankets, picnics and refreshments. There will be a few refreshment vans nearby just in case. Tickets can be bought from Maxwell Hamilton in Lymington or the St Barbe information centre. There will also be tickets available at the gate. A low-backed seat or rugs on which to sit on are also highly recommended.

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