Walkies time for Westies at Bamburgh

On August 20th the Berwick branch of the Westie Rescue will be holding its fifth annual get-together at Bamburgh beach. The walk started as a casual meeting between two Westie lovers who found each other via Facebook but has since grown into a major movement that has helped to raise funds for Westie rescue charities in Northumberland and other places. In the UK, there is no bigger gathering of Westies and their supporters.

There are many activities lined up for the day with Westie related fun and games expected along with various stalls. Those attending will be meeting at 11.30am at the beach car park. There will be an area cordoned off near the toilet block for the event. Those attending are reminded to bring along a picnic. There are no charges for attending the event but donations for charity will be appreciated.

Westie is the common name for the West Highland white terrier a dog with a distinct white coat that originated from Scotland. The modern breed is as a result of breeding programs that were conducted in Scotland before the 20th Century. This breed of dog has been very popular in the UK and other parts of the world and is known for being good with children although they don’t particular accept rough handling.

Westie rescue is an organisation that helps to find new homes for Westies all over the UK. Some of the reasons why Westies may need a new home include the death of an owner or one suffering from a long-term illness, change in accommodation to a place that doesn’t allow pets such as apartment buildings, changing situations at work or in relationships and arrival of children. There are also other Westies that need new homes due to abandonment, neglect or abusive owners.

Westie rescue has a network of trained volunteers who provide help and advice on any issue regarding Westies. When the organisation receives a Westie, it’s placed in a helper’s home where its suitability to a particular home is assessed to ensure that it ends up with the right kind of owners. Sometimes a behaviourist may be called upon to assess the Westie. Some Westies may have a problem and in this case, the organisation tries to get to the root of the problems and correct it. This is done through medication, training or with the help of a behaviourist.

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