Weston-Super-Mare busker wows crowds using drums made of kitchen utensils

Did you think that your rusty old kitchen pan was useless? One busker will show you that there’s still plenty more that can come from it. Crowds are turning up from all over to watch the talented busker create amazing music using kitchen gadgets that seem well past their day and these include a slow cooker and a carving tray. The man was filmed by one of the onlookers on the Weston-Super-Mare streets in Somerset as he produced amazing beats using only drumsticks and various kitchen equipment.

His ‘drum kit’ included pans, pots, a slow cooker, water carriers, a stainless steel carving tray and lids. He was filmed by Jon Wakefield, one of the many people passing through who couldn’t resist stopping to listen to the mesmerizing beat on 27th April. According to the sales and marketing officer, it looked like the drummer had emptied the kitchen cupboards in his mum’s kitchen but he adds that it was great to see a performer being able to draw a crowd as large as he had and at the end of his performance, he also got a great round of applause. He concludes by saying that many people were very happy for the chance to see a person taking ‘junk’ out of his suitcase and then proceed to create some amazing music.

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