Weston-super-Mare drugs boss Martin Fullerton jailed 11 years

A drug kingpin whose operations brought cocaine and heroin from the West Midlands to the streets of Weston-super-Mare has been sentenced to 11 years in prison. Using a mobile phone to organise his deals, Prince Martin-Fullerton would send messages advertising that he was ‘open and ready for business’. He would then sell the drugs to people who replied to the messages.

Using the same mobile phone, the 26-year-old also took orders for drugs which he would personally bring from the Midlands. Martin-Fullerton’s first arrest took place in January last year after he was apprehended while buying cocaine which was supposed to end up in the South West. Surprisingly, even when out on bail, Martin-Fullerton continued to run his drug operation. His trial was held at the Birmingham Crown Court and lasted two and a half weeks after which he was convicted.

According to Detective constable Richard Grierson, Martin-Fullerton was convinced that he couldn’t be touched and had boldly continued with his operations even after being arrested and when asked about it in court, he boldly denied any involvement. He continued to say that, unfortunately for Martin-Fullerton, the jury was able to see past his lies and he’ll now serve a very long time in prison. As Grierson explains, the arrest had come after a very complicated investigation that involved the organised crime units in Avon and Somerset and West Midlands and the same investigations also led to the imprisonment of many criminals for various drug offences.

The detective constable also took the opportunity to state that they were working hard to ensure that drug-dealers didn’t find it easy to operate in the Avon and Somerset area and they were doing all that they could to identify and dismantle drug operations in the area. He also asked for the public’s help in their efforts to rid the community of drug dealers and asked them to be the authorities’ eyes and ears.

The Avon and Somerset police are asking anyone with information about drug dealers to call 101 or to send the information anonymously through Crimestoppers.

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