Finding Storage to Decorating Your Home in Brighton

If your life goal is to live by the sea, then this article is perfect for you!

The advantage of having a stunning view of the beach is not the only thing to look forward to. Studies show that living by the sea boosts our mental health, improves our sleep, and relieves our anxiety. It also mentions that being near the coast can influence us to be more involved in physical activities such as swimming, surfing, and even just taking long walks. 

More often than not, those who wish to reside near the coast are those that want to escape the stressful and crowded urban life. With that being said, it is not unusual for people to consider moving to a coastal area like Brighton. Unlike the busy city of London, Brighton is a stunning seaside city that is more vibrant and family-friendly. To know more about the family-friendly activities you can do with your family in Brighton, read here!

Brighton is one of the best places to live in. Not only because of the seaside location but also due to the quality of life in the area. It is not a surprise that the city ranked first in the UK’s list of happiest cities to live and work in with 86.4 percent of the local population confirmed that they are happy! Furthermore, Brighton is also mentioned as one of the top safest cities in the UK

As you can see, Brighton is a convenient and well-rounded city. It has a diverse community, rich culture, and a productive economy. It’s no wonder why Brighton’s property market is competitively-priced as well. Despite having a higher than average property cost of £384,338, the idea of coastal living in Brighton seems to become more popular.

However, it should be noted that because of the popular demands for housing in Brighton, it also affects the living space of many tenants. With this, residents would rather choose smaller and cheaper flats compared to big and expensive houses. Complementarily, finding self storage units in Brighton is a common thing for people residing in the area to maximise their small living space. So if you’re planning to live in Brighton, here is a few tips you may need to consider.

Maximise living space home with storage units in Brighton 

A storage unit helps expand your living area. If you’re renovating or decluttering, renting a storage unit also helps in making your life easier. Renting out a cheap storage unit in Brighton allows homeowners to get rid of their “non-essentials” i.e. power tools, unused furniture, old books, photo albums — items that they can’t throw away but is usually just taking up valuable space inside their homes. These are items that you can store in a storage unit that you can access when you need them.

 If you plan to live in Brighton, you should get ready to pay higher than average rent. According to the city’s housing market report in 2019, the average monthly flat rent for one-bedroom increased to £1,047! Brighton remains a popular area to reside in. To cope with the lack of space, residents choose to decrease the number of their possessions and rent self storage. After all, a life by the coast is worth the trouble. 

Keep Decorations On The Downlow

Whether you are living in a flat or a house, nothing will go wrong with making your home decorations minimal, and simple! But that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to make an effort to decorate your home. It’s just that purchasing bulky furniture and heavy centerpieces is not the best idea to save space. Without these space-consuming furniture, you won’t need to feel cluttered and uneasy in your home.

Besides, making your decorations minimal will turn your living space look classy and uncluttered. However, if you wish to get some decorations that will pop out, indoor plants can be your go-to home decor. As a bonus, indoor plants like a coffee plant, begonia, and peace lily offer great benefits not only to your home but also for your wellness.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Once you install large mirrors on your wall, this will create the illusion of space. If you are living in a house or flat that looks awfully small, large mirrors will do the trick! It is also best to have it placed across from the entrance to optimise its purpose. Moreover, with the use of large mirrors, it will reflect both natural and artificial light around the room to make it brighter! Mirrors are even more practical decorations compared to picture frames.

Besides, whether you are living in a studio flat or a house, nothing can go wrong with having a mirror on your wall.

There’s no pain in paint

If you want to personalise your home by adding colour to your wall, find a colour palette that will suit your taste. Since you are living near the sea, you can try out blue tones, with a mix of white to get a calmer mood. Having a wood accent is also a great idea to have a sense of warmth and natural material.  In case you want a warmer tone, we suggest that you begin exploring with neutral colours to be safe. Besides, neutral colours can add a sophisticated look, and rustic shade. However, if you want to play safe with your walls, just leave it blank white as it is! With that, all you need to do is consider the colours of your furniture, floor, and decorative objects to match the style you want to characterise.

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