Cleethorpes Carnival to make comeback? Council seeks event organiser

Cleethorpes Carnival could be making a comeback in 2018 with the council currently looking for an event organiser for the parade in 2018. Many people were saddened by the cancellation of this year’s carnival which was the first time the event had failed to take place in 41 years. The North East Lincolnshire Council is, however, trying to bring back the event as early as next year as they are said to be already on the hunt for an organiser who will deliver.

For the resort, the carnival has been a constant in their calendar and there were more than 70 community and charity floats at the event in 2016. There were more than 25,000 people who’d turned up to catch the parade along its traditional route. The members of the Council Cabinet were urged to pass the plans allowing for a good event organiser to be contracted to handle the event. The council is looking for an organiser who will deliver the event for years to come but this will all depend on a successful event in 2018.

There is a long-term aim to make the event self-sustaining financially and those bidding for the event in 2018 will also have to state what their plans are after the 2018 event. Earlier this year, the council revealed that the carnival had to be cancelled this year after it was unable to find a company to run the event through its tender process. The cancellation was coming in the wake of Young’s Seafood decision to review its commitments after having stepped in to save the event back in 2012.

The council is now, however, keen to bring back the carnival which has been organised by the community and the private sector for the past decade.

The Carnival’s exact route hasn’t been confirmed yet. In the past, the event has affected more than one of Cleethorpes’ wards and it’s still likely that many business and residents will be affected again. The council is hoping that the carnival will be delivered safely and successfully so the borough can gain a reputation as a location that is great to live, work and visit. The council also believes that if the event is successful enough, it would help to promote the event in the years to come at a regional, national and maybe even international level.

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