UK’s best fish fryer to work at Cleethorpes Pier as Papa’s Fish and Chips reveals ‘opening by’ date

The best fish fryer in the UK will be coming to Cleethorpes as Papa’s Fish and Chips will soon be opening at the Cleethorpes Pier. George Papadamou won the award for best fish fryer in the country at the National Fish and Chip Awards finals and he will now be heading the kitchen at the restaurant at Cleethorpes Pier which was recently bought by the Papa family.

Many people are excited by the news that Papas will be coming to Cleethorpes since it’s widely regarded as one of the most popular fish and chip franchises in the region. The franchise already has one restaurant in Scarborough and another in Hull and they are coming to Cleethorpes with the promise of bringing the pier back to its heyday and they’re promising to serve the best fish and chips that people in the area have ever tasted. The restaurant will be able to hold a maximum of 500 people at once and the huge restaurant will also create more than 100 jobs.

The Papa family have been running the pier just as it had been when they took it over i.e. with a bar, tea room and function room remaining open beside the fish and chip restaurant. However, the pier has been undergoing transformation to change it into a modern fish and chip restaurant. The son of the head of the family business, Dino Papa, confirmed that the restaurant will be open by 9th of April which means it will be just in time for Easter and the tourism season in the area.

Some of the changes that are being made include installation of new kitchen fittings and equipment as well as changing of the décor. According to Dino, a lot of work is already going on and they’ll soon be confirming an opening date. He said that the reception so far had been quite good and people from Cleethorpes have already visited them in Hull to find out what they can expect. He also added that they are just as excited as the locals are and that they regret not having come to the location much sooner since it’s been quite overwhelming.

The family have reaffirmed their commitment to creating a family-oriented icon in the resort which will bring in people by the thousands from throughout the world.

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