Morecambe FC worker speaks out about club crisis

The possibility that Joseph Cala could soon be the owner of Morecambe FC has brought a great deal of uncertainty among the club’s players and staff. According to an anonymous staff member at the club, the change in mood at the club was down to Cala’s presence. As a delay in the payment of wages entered its eighth day, a meeting was scheduled to take place at the Globe.

The concerns about Mr Cala’s presence aren’t restricted to the players and staff with a group of supporters of the football club also stating that they had serious concerns about the Italian after he stated that he was ‘technically’ the Shrimps new owner.

The Shrimps Trust interim board also stated that they were worried about Cala due to his history in other football clubs and were not sure about his intentions for the club. In 2011, the Italian businessman ran Salernitana Calcio, an Italian club, for only 11 days. In 2012, he was said to be buying Portsmouth FC at some point. Although he hasn’t yet been confirmed as the owner by the EFL (English Football League), he was already at the Globe during the week where he threatened to lay off staff. On the other hand, Mr Cala said that he was there to ‘save the club’.

According to the worker, Mr Cala’s presence has been depressing a lot of people and it has created animosity within the club. However, he also stated that the despite the low moods, those at the club are still determined to ensure the club survives and will do whatever is needed to keep things running despite the Cala’s presence.

The ownership case did, however, take on another twist as Manchester County Court on Thursday listened to a court case between the man claiming to be Morecambe’s owner and G50 Holdings versus Graham Burnard who is currently listed as the only director at G50 Holdings at Companies House. According to the County Court, a court order is yet to be filed touching on this case.

The current crisis at the club was described as a circus by the Shrimps Trust which was set up to safeguard the interest of the supporters and the club itself. The trust stated that they intend to ensure that any staff member at the club who is owed anything is paid whatever is due to them.

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