Retro cafe due to pop up in Morecambe

The Green Room café on Euston Road was once a favourite spot for many of the locals but has since closed shop.

However, the new owner, Janette Currah, will now be opening The vintage café at the same site. Janette has worked in the hospitality industry for years and once ran The Crown Hotel, which is located on Morecambe Promenade, for five years. She moved to Morecambe 10 years back from Kirkby Lonsdale. Janette is already the owner of a vintage shop located on Pedder Street that is known as Sassparella and as she moves to the new location, she says that she plans with two-thirds of the stock in the old shop to the new location.

She has stated that her intention is to focus on all things retro including old fashioned pops, waffles and soda. She is also thinking of other ideas to factor in and intends to call on the services of a street artist when it’s time to paint the building. Her intention is to have the shop open by the end of May with decoration of the interior set to start. She will be keeping the furniture that was originally used in The Green Room Café and these include green chairs and melamine tables. She also plans to decorate using yellow, black and orange colours. According to her, she’d like décor that sympathises with the furniture. She also stated that she’s quite passionate about setting up shop in Morecambe and she’s always wanted to have a café.

As for the exterior, Janette will be looking for something that will reflect the stuff going on inside. While she’s still unsure whether she’ll be able to pull it off, she intends to do something touching on Art deco and the seaside. She also intends to be playing vinyl music for the customers as they enjoy their coffee or ice cream and because she wants more of a café than tea room vibe, there won’t be any tablecloths.

For the food, her plan is to capture the spirit of many of the decades that have gone by and she’ll be starting with homemade cakes and snacks. Her husband Roy, runs the kitchen at the Royal in Morecambe so she doesn’t plan on being the chef.

According to Janette, her interest in vintage and retro goes back 20 years and she’s still quite passionate about it all to this day. The café will be named Sassparella vintage café.

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